What we Played in September - Hadrian's Wall feature

What we Played September 2023

Here’s a quick run-down of what we played in September and our thoughts on some of the highlights.

What we Played

We played 58 games in September with 13 different games, 8 of those games were new to us in September. Here’s what they were:

Blitzkrieg World War 2 in 20 Minutes

Deception Murder in Hong Kong


Dungeon Mayhem

Hadrians Wall


It’s A Wonderful World


Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Ulterior Design

Under Falling Skies



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The Highlights

I’ll focus on the games we tried this month that were new to us, in fact most of the games we tried were ones we tried for the first time in September.

We had Father’s Day in New Zealand last month and I was treated to a trip to our local board gaming café. We tried Deception Murder in Hong Kong, Werewords, an Unlock game, and Zap. I was really looking forward to Deception Murder in Hong Kong but at 5 players the game kind of felt a little swingy, we tried three times and each time it felt like the Murderer was at a real disadvantage. I think this game would be a lot better with 6 or more where the Murderer gets a chance to silence the witness if they can figure out who it is. Werewords on the other hand was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed it.

In terms of family games, we were sent a copy of Hoard and Ulterior Design by Cheeky Parrot Games to try and so far, we have really enjoyed them. My youngest daughter in particular is a big fan of Ulterior Design and we tend to play that together a fair bit. It has a cool theme of decorating or sabotaging décor in homes in the hope of winning prizes from judges that may knock on your door. Since publishing this article, we have now completed our reviews of both games. If you want to find out more, check out our Hoard review and Ulterior Design review.

In terms of games my teen son and I tried, we were lucky enough to get hold of a copy of Dominion and have played a few times. We are both big fans of deck building games and I really enjoyed Dominion. My son is still on the fence with this one but I can see why it was considered so ground breaking when it was first published. Since publishing this article, we have completed our Dominion review.

For solo games Hadrian’s Wall has been the highlight for me. A fairly deep flip and write game that can be played in around 45 minutes. The amount packed into the two pages may look quite intimidating but the iconography and rule book are excellent and so it all made sense pretty quick. I am currently working my way through the campaign, which is excellent.

We would love to hear about your board gaming highlights last month, let us know in the comments what games you have been enjoying lately.

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  1. For Deception: Murder in Hong Kong I’ve found that an important step is before the roles are handed out, announce, “Now let’s take a minute and everyone look at the board and think about, if you *were* going to be the murderer, what would you choose that could easily be confused with what is in front of everyone else.”
    This helps new players understand what to do (both if they are the murderer and also if not) and gives them a chance to think critically without looking suspicious.
    I’ve also dabbled with reducing the card count, but I’ve found that the above tip works so well that most of the time it is unnecessary except for groups that are new to tabletop gaming.

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