What we Played June 2024 - Paladins Feature

What we Played in June 2024 and Upcoming Content

Wow May was such a busy month with Wellycon we didn’t get a chance to post our usual monthly update. Thankfully June was much quieter, and we can get back to our normal rhythm. So grab your favourite hot drink, sit back, relax and enjoy our June board gaming highlights.

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We played 34 games in June with 12 different games. Here’s what we played:

  • Blitzkrieg World War 2 in 20 Minutes
  • Go Nuts for Donuts
  • Hoard
  • Machi Koro 2
  • Mint Works
  • Paladins of the West Kingdom
  • Poetry for Neanderthals
  • Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza
  • Taco Hat Cake Gift Pizza
  • Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition
  • Ulterior Design
  • Warp’s Edge

First up, I’ve got some exciting news from Wellycon. Guess what? We managed to keep our winning streak alive in the play-to-win games for the third year running! This time, we snagged a copy of Go Nuts for Donuts. Now, I’ve got to tell you, this game is an absolute hit with my family. I introduced it to my wife and daughters at the con, and they loved it. Since bringing it home, we’ve already racked up a whopping 20 plays! It’s become one of those games that once it hits the table, we play multiple times.

What makes Go Nuts for Donuts such a great family game? Well, it’s got all the right ingredients. It’s easy to learn, plays fast, and has great interaction as everyone scrambles for those delicious donut cards. The twist? You’re all secretly picking which donut you want each round, but if someone else goes for the same one, neither of you gets it. Talk about sweet tension!

Now, in terms of solo play, I finally managed to carve out some time for a session of Paladins of the West Kingdom. This worker placement gem doesn’t hit the table as often as I’d like because it’s a bit of a time investment at around two hours. But, when it does come out, it’s so worth it! The game is packed with satisfying combos that just keep getting more impressive as you play. It’s like a slow-burn strategy feast for your brain.

What we Played June 2024 - Paladins of the West Kingdom in Play

Last but not least, we introduced some friends to Poetry for Neanderthals, and it was a total blast! We ended up playing multiple rounds because they couldn’t get enough. Now, if you’ve read my review, you know my household is a bit split on this one. But seeing our friends have such a great time with it was awesome, especially since I’m a big fan myself.

During May we published our Wingspan review. This is a classic engine building game about birds which received a mixed response in our household.

Our next article in May was our Poetry for Neanderthals review. We mentioned this in our highlights, but we go in depth in our review to explain our differences of opinion on this one.

By far the article I enjoyed writing the most was our Wellycon 2024 roundup. We tried so many amazing games this year check it out to find out which ones were our favourites.

My final article is one that I have been promising for a while but for one reason or another haven’t been able to finish until recently. So, I am really pleased to have finished my Warp’s Edge review. Warp’s Edge is a solo only sci fi game that sees you battling waves of enemy starfighters and a powerful mothership. I not only give my thoughts about this game but also whether I would buy another solo only board game.

In terms of upcoming content, I have only 2 articles on my mind at the moment. I am aiming to write my review of Photosynthesis and write an article on my most played games, which I think will be a bit of an eye opener.

We would love to hear about your board gaming highlights for June, let us know in the comments what games you have been enjoying lately.

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