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About the authors

Welcome to BoardgamingParent.com. We are parents who write about board gaming and how it can help us to better connect with our children.

We have three children from school age to teen and have been enjoying board games as a family ever since we had our first child. We have a passion for board games and spending quality time together. We enjoy a wide range of games from classics to more modern games like Splendor, Azul, One Night Ultimate Werewolf and Machi Koro.

Over the years we have learned what to watch out for when parting with hard earned money to find games to entertain our family. Given our wide age range and taste we are hoping our experiences over the years can help you when choosing games to enjoy with your family.

About BoardgamingParent.com

The purpose of this site is to help families connect through board gaming.

Life is so busy now days. When our children do have free time, between, videogames, streaming services and the internet it can be really challenging creating meaningful quality time where we can enjoy each other’s company.

We have found making time to sit down with our children to enjoy a board game has been a great way to have fun and really connect. It’s also a great way for our children to learn some very valuable life skills, like working together, problem solving and how to handle winning or losing.

The great news is we are really spoilt for choice now with so many great board games for all ages and tastes that are interesting and entertaining.

If you are a parent that’s new to board gaming it can be very daunting. Depending on the board game it can also be expensive. Our aim at BoardgamingParent.com is to help by sharing our experiences and what we have learned along the way.

You can of course expect to see reviews on this site for games we have really enjoyed, but beyond that we also post useful guides for parents that can help if your just starting out.

What’s Different About This Website?

Not all families are likely to enjoy the same games, a lot comes down to age range, preferences in theme and game type. When we review games we like to include the information that we think matters to parents. With that in mind our reviews will usually include:

  • Age suitability: Often the age written on the box isn’t quite reflective of what we experience in practice
  • How easy a game is to learn: This is really important for families who may have different age ranges and experience with games
  • What it will teach your kids: One of the many benefits of playing board games is what they can teach your kids. We comment on what a particular game can teach your kids in each review
  • Replay value: When parents part with hard earned cash it’s important they get a sense of whether a game will stand the test of time or become repetitive after a few plays. We cover this in each review
  • Ratings from different age ranges: Each review includes a rating and comment from a kids perspective, teens perspective and parents perspective. The only exceptions are games that are not suitable for kids, in which case there will only be a teens and parents perspective. We think it’s important information for parents when considering suitability of a game for their family.

We are really keen to hear from you and answer questions or take feedback about content you would find useful. Feel free to get in touch through our contact form.